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Charles, who describes himself as “the class clown” was born in Trinidad in 19 plenty three. His Father was an eminent surgeon in the West Indies and while he had the opportunity to follow in his fathers’ footsteps, he chose to forge a career of his own for very personal reasons, (having discussed the subject with his Dad). This advice would lead him through an amazing adventure of success, failure and more success…


Charles began his musical career an extremely young age, being taught piano by his aunt from the age of 5 years old. At the ripe old age of 7, he taught himself to play the drums. In his owns words he says he “plays at most things” meaning, he enjoys picking up any instruments and getting a noise out of it. He plays “at” the guitar, keyboards, drums, clarinet and of course, sings his heart out when ever the opportunity arises!

He has a particularly interesting talent for playing the drum kit on a keyboard and whilst working with Soul to Soul he was filmed doing just this for German TV….. Ask him to show you…!

Other interesting nerdy facts include being head of the electronics club at his school in the UK, being in the shooting team, winning everything in athletics at same school (Stowe), this includes also holding both high jump and long jump records!! One Summer he was famously, in almost every sporting team and had the dubious responsibility of playing badminton, squash and fives matches in the same afternoon!!!


Vocal coach on several television shows including “Sangstjerner” in Denmark and Pop Idol in the UK Charles has worked with many major TV networks, including the BBC, ITV, DR (Denmark), Channel 4, Channel 5, on shows like Inspector Morse, Saracen, X Factor, Fame Academy and All Together Now, to name a few…

He has worked with several of the most highly respected and celebrated artists and enjoyed learning and continues to learn, from the best. Celine Dion, Babyface, Vanessa Williams, Michael Bolton, Soul II Soul are just a few of the Artists with whom he has had the honour of working.


Charles only became a bonafide member of Londonbeat in the last couple years, he has worked with Jimmy Helms since 1994 and has worked with the band as a writer and producer since almost the very beginning.

Ironically he has had a close connection with Jimmy Chambers, whom he describes as “my older brother”, as he is also from Trinidad and whose family has been operated on and cared for by his Father!! Small world….

Music is his passion and nothing energizes him more than to be a part of something that brings joy and pleasure to other people…..

He describes being in Londonbeat as “coming home”…..

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