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Londonbeat Promo Picture 2004



The 6th Londonbeat album Featuring a batch of new songs.

Heaven, Jump in My Ride

This was our second album on Coconut Records.


At Coconut, we must’ve written and recorded enough songs for 4 LP’s. 

We’re planning to revisit the best of those songs, re-word them and release them.

Stay tuned...(JH)


A.N. Catania/T. Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M. Kayne/ Tracks  1,2,5,6,11,12

A.N. Catania/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M.Kayne/ Tracks  3,9

T. Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/S. Simmich/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M. Kayne/ Tracks 4,7

S. Simmich/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M. Kayne/ Track 8

A.N. Catania/T. Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/S. Simmich/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M.Kayne/ Track 10


Tony Catania/ Tracks  1,3,9,10

Tony Catania/Tony Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/ Tracks  2,5,6,11,12

Sylvester Simmons/Tony Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/ Tracks 4,7

Sylvester Simmons/ Track 8

GUITARS by M.Kayne and Tony Catania

'Bustin' Free'


'Kiss Of Life'

'Jump In My Ride'


'I Believe'

'Walls Of Love'


'About You'

'Busker McGee'

'A World Without You (Brothers And Sisters)'

'Heaven (Sylvester's Gravity Remix)'

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