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Londonbeat Art Cover 1992

Studio LP number three, Harmony was the last lp with the original line-up.

This was our experimental effort, exploring our American Indian heritage.

Here you’ll find You Bring On The Sun”… Keeping The Memories Alive”…

There are hidden gems here.  Give a listen… 

Watch Now

All words and music by Henshall, Helms, Chandler, Chambers 


'All Born Equal' by Henshall, Helms, Chandler, Chambers, Allen / published by Warner Chappell Music Limited and Rondor Music Ltd


Produced, engineered and programmed by Martyn Phillips

Production, engineering, programming and mix help from Willy M

Mixed by Bryan 'Chuck' New and Martyn Phillips

'Rainbow Ride' mixed by Humberto Garcia and 'Give A Gift To Yourself' mixed by Martyn Phillips and Willy M.

Recorded in London June 1991 - June 1992 at Londonbeat, Sam Therapy, Battery, Air, The Church and Sarm West studios.

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