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The 2nd studio LP,  “In The Blood” high-lighted the chemistry between the three-part harmonies, and Willy Henshall’s quirky guitar. 

Add the pop-gospel lead vocals, and the unique Londonbeat sound emerges.            

“I’ve Been Thinking About You”,  “A Better Love”, “No Woman, No Cry” ...


When Love is In The Heart, The Beat is In The Blood… 

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All songs written by Londonbeat: Henshall, Helms, Chandler and Chambers


'Step Inside My Shoes' and 'A Better Love' written by Henshall, Helms, Chandler, Chambers and Green

'No Woman No Cry' written by Marley and Ford.

All songs produced, engineered and mixed by Martyn Phillips


'In An I Love You Mood' produced by Martyn Phillips and Willy M

'Step Inside My Shoes' and 'Crying In The Rain' produced by Willy M with help from Martyn Phillips

'This Is Your Life' produced by Willy M and 'It's In The Blood' co-produced by Martyn Phillips and David A. Stewart and re-mixed by Martyn Phillips.

Recorded at the LONDONBEAT Studio, The Music Station, Sam Therapy, Falconer Studios, The Church and Sarm West in London during April to August 1990.

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