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Born in the sun of the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Jimmy Chambers arrived in England in the hope of success as a singer.

The electric London gives him every chance to join his voice to the greatest artists of the time.


In 1970, in collaboration with Robert Palmer, he co-directed the DaDa group.

After the disappearance of DADA, Jimmy records solo and hits his place successfully in the 80's dance charts.

Then he recorded an album with Paul Young and made a world tour with him and a memorable date in Wembley for LIVE AID in 1985.

After recording with major artists like Tina Turner (Break Every Rule) and Fine Young Cannibals (The Raw and the Cooked) Jimmy teamed up with his pals Jimmy Helms, George Chandler and Willy M in 1987 and co-founded Londonbeat.

Very attached to his roots, Jimmy collaborate regularly with caribean artists.

With the Laventile Rhythm Section of Trinidad and Tobago, he wrote in 2005 the songs Warriors and Northstand

Between 2012 and 2014, Jimmy wrote songs for Panorama and Jouvert on the current situation of Trinidad and Tobago and also for the carnival celebrations.

Photo - Eugene Taran

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