Londonbeat @Vi Elsker 90'Erne - Rodovre

Great opening of the Vi Elsker 90'Erne Festival in Rodovre on 25th may 2019.

Londonbeat joined the dancing caravan of the 90's for this first of 9 dates throughout summer in Denmark and Sweden.

The sun was there !

An impressive line up of 25 artists !

A warm welcome from the crowd dancing and singing all day long...

Londonbeat offered their fans a set including some of their famous hits "I've Been Thinking About You", "You Bring On The Sun", "A Better Love"...and also a special "A Capella" gift.

They are thrilled to fly again this week-end for the next show in Aabenraa / Denmark on 1st june 2019.

Again a Big Show with great expectations !

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Londonbeat was also honored to receive on that day a very special present from danish designer nots by heckmann.

The idea and spirit associated to these elegant diamond bracelets ideally match the values of unity, love, respect and peace that Londonbeat wish to spread around the world, connecting with people through their classic melodies and voices whose harmonies have been uniting the hearts for 30 years.