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THE KNOCK - Londonbeat NEW release !!

First single from an album to be release by the end of the year, The Knock was composed and produced by Londonbeat.

Londonbeat-The Knock-Art cover 2023

Are you ready ??

They are back!

Londonbeat's NEW beats, passionately crafted

by Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers and Charles Pierre.

Recorded the same way they did in the 90s, in a spare bedroom.

But less equipment, more technology the south of France.

Jimmy Helms particularly remembers the day the project first came to life.

"Around midday we grab croissants, dodgy sandwiches, etc, and settle in for a writing session.

A few silly jokes get us going...a lyric idea here...a catchy melody there...

We were riffing on a track written by Charles who sings "Cos I can't without you."

Suddenly Jimmy Chambers grabs the mic and drops his soaring midde-eight line "If I could change your heart..."

Magic! I nearly choked on my croissant.

That's when I say to myself, "Open up. Sing your life. Let yourself go".

The Knock is the story of a marriage breaking down; it tore the family apart.

It's about taking the hits and picking up the pieces.

Time passes. A new fairy tale. The sun shines again.

But the family still has some deep emotional healing to do.

The Knock is about owning our actions, letting go and moving on.

From this deep intimate dive the words flow, finding their place in harmony with the music.

A sign that something special is going on here!

A song becomes a hit when someone says, "This song is about me too!"

What does this song means to YOU?


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