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    20 MAY 2023 / 17h-22h PRAGUE Exhibition Grounds Holešovice The biggest 90s festival in the Czech Republic! ARTISTS: AQUA, DR. ALBAN, EAST17, SNAP!, NO MERCY, FIVE, LONDONBEAT, BLACK BOX, DOWN LOW, MAXX, 2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR, MR.PRESIDENT FKA LAYZEE

  • THE KNOCK - Londonbeat NEW release !!

    First single from an album to be release by the end of the year, The Knock was composed and produced by Londonbeat. #Homemadewithlove Are you ready ?? They are back! Londonbeat's NEW beats, passionately crafted by Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers and Charles Pierre. NOW available on all streaming platforms CHECK IT HERE Official music video is HERE Recorded the same way they did in the 90s, in a spare bedroom. But less equipment, more technology the south of France. Jimmy Helms particularly remembers the day the project first came to life. "Around midday we grab croissants, dodgy sandwiches, etc, and settle in for a writing session. A few silly jokes get us going...a lyric idea here...a catchy melody there... We were riffing on a track written by Charles who sings "Cos I can't without you." Suddenly Jimmy Chambers grabs the mic and drops his soaring midde-eight line "If I could change your heart..." Magic! I nearly choked on my croissant. That's when I say to myself, "Open up. Sing your life. Let yourself go". The Knock is the story of a marriage breaking down; it tore the family apart. It's about taking the hits and picking up the pieces. Time passes. A new fairy tale. The sun shines again. But the family still has some deep emotional healing to do. The Knock is about owning our actions, letting go and moving on. From this deep intimate dive the words flow, finding their place in harmony with the music. A sign that something special is going on here! A song becomes a hit when someone says, "This song is about me too!" What does this song means to YOU?

  • Charles Pierre's Playlist

    Stuck...Looking out the window, watching the rain, sunshine, floods, making snowmen...In the meantime this is what I’m listening to Oh and another thing..... Daft Punk.... Gutted...” 'Buzzfunk' aka Charles Pierre !

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  • Gravity | Londonbeat

    GRAVITY The 6th Londonbeat album Featuring a batch of new songs. Heaven, Jump in My Ride This was our second album on Coconut Records. At Coconut, we must’ve written and recorded enough songs for 4 LP’s. We’re planning to revisit the best of those songs, re-word them and release them. Stay tuned...(JH) MUSIC + LYRICS A.N. Catania/T. Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M. Kayne/ Tracks 1,2,5,6,11,12 A.N. Catania/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M.Kayne/ Tracks 3,9 T. Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/S. Simmich/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M. Kayne/ Tracks 4,7 S. Simmich/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M. Kayne/ Track 8 A.N. Catania/T. Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/S. Simmich/J. Helms/J. Chambers/M.Kayne/ Track 10 ​ PRODUCTION Tony Catania/ Tracks 1,3,9,10 Tony Catania/Tony Hendrick/K.V. Haaren/ Tracks 2,5,6,11,12 Sylvester Simmons/Tony Hendrick/ K.V. Haaren/ Tracks 4,7 Sy lvester Simmons / Track 8 ​ GUITARS by M.Kayne and Tony Catania ​ 'Bustin' Free' 'Heaven' 'Kiss Of Life' 'Jump In My Ride' 'Fame' 'I Believe' 'Walls Of Love' 'Black' 'About You' 'Busker McGee' 'A World Without You (Brothers And Sisters)' 'Heaven (Sylvester's Gravity Remix)'

  • Charles Pierre | Londonbeat

    About CHARLES PIERRE Charles, who describes himself as “the class clown” was born in Trinidad in 19 plenty three. His Father was an eminent surgeon in the West Indies and while he had the opportunity to follow in his fathers’ footsteps, he chose to forge a career of his own for very personal reasons, (having discussed the subject with his Dad). This advice would lead him through an amazing adventure of success, failure and more success… Charles began his musical career an extremely young age, being taught piano by his aunt from the age of 5 years old. At the ripe old age of 7, he taught himself to play the drums. In his owns words he says he “plays at most things” meaning, he enjoys picking up any instruments and getting a noise out of it. He plays “at” the guitar, keyboards, drums, clarinet and of course, sings his heart out when ever the opportunity arises! He has a particularly interesting talent for playing the drum kit on a keyboard and whilst working with Soul to Soul he was filmed doing just this for German TV….. Ask him to show you…! Other interesting nerdy facts include being head of the electronics club at his school in the UK, being in the shooting team, winning everything in athletics at same school (Stowe), this includes also holding both high jump and long jump records!! One Summer he was famously, in almost every sporting team and had the dubious responsibility of playing badminton, squash and fives matches in the same afternoon!!! ​ Vocal coach on several television shows including “Sangstjerner” in Denmark and Pop Idol in the UK Charles has worked with many major TV networks, including the BBC, ITV, DR (Denmark), Channel 4, Channel 5, on shows like Inspector Morse, Saracen, X Factor, Fame Academy and All Together Now, to name a few… He has worked with several of the most highly respected and celebrated artists and enjoyed learning and continues to learn, from the best. Celine Dion, Babyface, Vanessa Williams, Michael Bolton, Soul II Soul are just a few of the Artists with whom he has had the honour of working. Charles only became a bonafide member of Londonbeat in the last couple years, he has worked with Jimmy Helms since 1994 and has worked with the band as a writer and producer since almost the very beginning. Ironically he has had a close connection with Jimmy Chambers, whom he describes as “my older brother”, as he is also from Trinidad and whose family has been operated on and cared for by his Father!! Small world…. Music is his passion and nothing energizes him more than to be a part of something that brings joy and pleasure to other people….. He describes being in Londonbeat as “coming home”…..

  • Jimmy Chambers | Londonbeat

    About JIMMY CHAMBERS Born in the sun of the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Jimmy Chambers arrived in England in the hope of success as a singer. The electric London gives him every chance to join his voice to the greatest artists of the time. In 1970, in collaboration with Robert Palmer, he co-directed the DaDa group. After the disappearance of DADA, Jimmy records solo and hits his place successfully in the 80's dance charts. Then he recorded an album with Paul Young and made a world tour with him and a memorable date in Wembley for LIVE AID in 1985. After recording with major artists like Tina Turner (Break Every Rule) and Fine Young Cannibals (The Raw and the Cooked) Jimmy teamed up with his pals Jimmy Helms, George Chandler and Willy M in 1987 and co-founded Londonbeat. Very attached to his roots, Jimmy collaborate regularly with caribean artists. With the Laventile Rhythm Section of Trinidad and Tobago, he wrote in 2005 the songs Warriors and Northstand Between 2012 and 2014, Jimmy wrote songs for Panorama and Jouvert on the current situation of Trinidad and Tobago and also for the carnival celebrations. Photo - Eugene Taran

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