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Londonbeat is a story of harmony and harmonies...

The wealth of a blend of stunning talents ....

Melodies and words speaking and belonging to everyone.


Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers and Charles Pierre

have struck a balance between their own personalities and all the many influences that make Londonbeat what it is,

giving a "new touch" to the unforgettable famous hits from the 90's.

'I've Been Thinking About You' - 'You Bring On the Sun' - 'Better Love' - 'Come Back' - 'Where Are U'....

Keeping memories alive.


The continuing story

They are live in concert almost every week, flying around the world offering their fans the magic of their iconic singles with a constantly renewed energy and ever more inspired by the warm welcome of the public and thrilled at each opportunity to greet their faithful fans and connect with new audiences.