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Founded in 1987,

LONDONBEAT immediately struck a chord with audiences, bringing a "New Beat" to the global music scene, the result of their blending of individual experiences and influences.

'There's A Beat Going On' is the rock message of their artistic freedom... you can feel it in your bones...

 '9 AM' reveals the magic of their unique harmonies

... The Comfort Zone.

Londonbeat Odessa / Photo by Eugene Taran

In 1990,

the release of 'I've Been Thinking About You' caused a tidal wave and topped the charts in 27 countries.

This was quickly followed by 'A Better Love', a popular track that confirmed the band's success.  

And the list goes on... 'You Bring On The Sun',

'Come Back', 'Where Are You'...

... We must have been crazy when we thought we were just friends

cos' that special connection keeps on keeping on!


Worldwide DJ's have been relentlessly heating up dance floors with  numerous remixes of Londonbeat's greatest hits and in the summer of 2019,

'I've Been Thinking About You' returns to the top of the US Billboard Dance Charts with Klaas Remix,

introducing 2 brand new tracks 'Summer'

and 'I'm Alive' included in the 30th Anniversary compilation released in the same year.