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EPK 2024


Founded in 1987, LONDONBEAT quickly resonated with listeners by introducing  a "New Beat" to the worldwide music stage, 

a fusion of their individual experiences and inspirations.


There's A Beat Going On' is the rock message of their artistic freedom

... you can feel it in your bones...

''9 AM' reveals the magic of their unique harmonies...

The Comfort Zone.


'I've Been Thinking About You' caused a tidal wave

and topped the charts in 27 countries.

'A Better Love', confirmed the band's success.


And the list goes on...

'You Bring On The Sun', 'Come Back', 'Where Are You'...


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6 studio albums, several EPs, compilations, countless remixes by worldwide DJ's

relentlessly heating up dance floors with their greatest hits

and incredible live performances have made LONDONBEAT a legendary band.

..We must have been crazy when we thought we were just friends 

cos' that special connection keeps on keeping on!


35 Years later, Londonbeat continue to delight crowds around the world. 

The band consists of Jimmy Helms and Jimmy Chambers, cofounders of the original band, and Charles Pierre, who has been involved in production since the early days.


Whether accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra

or in the hustle and bustle of a music festival

they perform shows that mix their unforgettable 90s hits that everyone wants to hear again and again, with punchy remixes, impromptu a capella and revisited Classics.

'Keeping the memories alive', they feel like 'Some Lucky Guys' and are always more than thrilled to share their music.



I've Been Thinking About You' returns to the top of Bilboard Dance Charts

with KLAAS Remix.

'Summer' and 'I'm Alive' , 2 brand new tracks included in the 30th Anniversary compilation released in the same year.


'The Knock' an intimate self-production with new beats passionately crafted by the trio.

To be continued....

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In a creative mood, Londonbeat is buzzing with projects.

They're back in the studio with loads of inspiring sounds and thoughts

and ready to make some new waves. 


An exclusive new album is in the pipe line, made up of brand new songs and which echoes the many requests expressed by a loyal and growing audience, all generations combined. 


Music softens manners they say...and "when a song resonates with even one person, that's magic! that's my definition of a hit!" 

says Jimmy H. 


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3.9 M  Views


2.5 M  Streams monthly

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